Meet Austin Chasing The Clouds Bo

Thank you Terry and Anita Main for sharing ownership of this

gorgeous stud for us to have in our program. Austin Chasing

the Clouds Bo is drop dead gorgeous with a café/chocolate'

coat that has a lavender cast in certain lighting.  Best

of all,  he has the calmest and best disposition of any stud we have seen and will be a great asset to our program. WALA0000346 ALAA-060584 Bo's guardian dotes on him and he lives a pampered life. He loves playing in water hoses and wading in puddles. We are expecting our first litter from Bo sometime in August 2020. We are so excited!

Heartrock Broken Spoke

Heartrock Broken Spoke  good head shot.j

Heartrock Broken Spoke is our newest boy that is full of fun and mischief at the moment. We look forward in the coming years to beautiful pups from this charmer!