Guardian Home Information

G​uardian Homes are homes that are selected by the breeder where one of the puppies is held back from the litter for breeding purposes. This puppy will become a family member of the guardian home and become their loving new best friend. If the puppy is female, it is technically still owned by HeartRock Labradoodles from 5-6 years and may be bred once a year for up to four litters. The guardian is required to notify the breeder of day one of each heat cycle. This date is very important for establishing  the timing of future cycles and testing the female to be able to access the best date for breeding her successfully.  She will come to the breeder shortly after her second or third cycle begins for testing until she is bred.  We will then return her to the guardian home until approximately one week before the puppies are born. She will then stay at HeartRock Labradoodles until the puppies are whelped and fully weaned- approximately six to eight weeks. After all the litters are born we pay to spay the female and transfer complete ownership to the guardian family. We pay for any veterinarian cost related to the breeding of the female. The guardian home picks up any other related vet related cost and keeps vaccinations etc. current. Guardian families will need to live within a 60  mile radius of HeartRock Labradoodles. Females are bred from close to the age of 2 up until  6 years of age with the last litter usually coming in the 5th year of age. Guardian families may visit often while the dog is at HeartRock Labradoodles. Families that choose to have a male in their guardian home ideally live relatively close to the breeder or near the veterinarian's office. My vet is Sunset Valley Veterinarian located on 290 in Dripping Springs. The male may be requested to come stay at HeartRock Labradoodles for a few days or meet us at the vets office for a mating or an AI. Guardian males may be bred by the breeder up to eight years but will be gone from home over shorter periods of time. We will heath test him as we do the female prior to breeding and the male may begin as early as one year of age. All health test and any cost related to breeding males or females are covered by the breeder. Many guardian families can plan their vacation around the breeding cycles and have a safe and free place for their dog to stay. If you are interested in becoming a Guardian Home please submit an application for adoption and we will contact you directly to discuss.