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Texas Labradoodles Sailor Mann

Texas Labradoodles Sailor Mann (Sailor) ALAA# 077972  WALA#00017103
Sailor is a homegrown Texan from Texas Labradoodles. She is spunky, smart and cuddly with beautiful hazel eyes. It almost looks like her coat has been highlighted.  We look forward to puppies late this year from Sailor!           

We thank Bruce and Mardie Calkins for this gorgeous girl. She looks so much like her mama Zelda.

HeartRock Annie Oakley

HeartRock Annie Oakley is a gorgeous caramel girl with a soft fleece coat. She will be medium size
and we look forward to seeing her beautiful pups in the future. Oakley comes from a long line of therapy
​dogs. She is very calm and loving.

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