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About Multi-Generation
Australian Labradoodles in Austin, TX


The first Labradoodle dates back to the 1980’s in Victoria, Australia. There, Wally Conrad, with Royal Guide Dogs sought to create an allergy free service dog with a good temperament. Labrador Retrievers had been used as guide dogs but Wally kept getting requests for a non-shedding service dog.
​Wally decided to try breeding the Labrador Retriever with the Poodle to see if he could get the results he needed. The rest is history.

Out of an astounding 31 of the original Labradoodles bred at Royal Guide Dogs, 29 actually went on to become official guide dogs. This was quite the accomplishment for this ”new” breed of dogs. To further improve upon the breed for coat, conformation and temperament a number of other breeds were later bred into the labradoodles during the 90’s.

Those included predominately, the cocker spaniel, and a few others. This is what we know today as the Australian Labradoodle, whereas, a Labradoodle is simply a cross with a Labrador Retriever and a Poodle. After years of careful breeding  both in Australia and the United States the Australian Labradoodle is now bred only to other Australian Labradoodles. This is the wonderful dog called The Multigenerational Australian Labradoodle!

The years of careful testing and breeding help to ensure you are not only receiving a wonderful smart, healthy, very low to non shedding family pet, but that they will be around a lot longer for you to enjoy!


Number one, they make great family dogs. They are gentle, loving, bundles of joy and energy and are particularly great with children, although early training and supervision are always best for children and dog to keep both safe. These dogs are bred to be easy going devoted family members, not guard dogs. 
Having been originally bred for therapy dogs they are often used for people with disabilities and in hospital and rehabilitation programs. Their popularity and fame continue to grow with many famous stars now owning Labradoodles and lots of movies starring Labradoodles. 
​Most recently, Bradley Cooper, cast his own Labradoodle “Charlie” in “A Star Is Born”and I dare say “he was”!


We breed primarily for the fleece and wool coats. The fleece coat is a wavy to loose spiraling texture and is an allergy and asthma friendly coat. It is a soft and should be brushed every few weeks. It may need a trim a couple of times a year. The Wool Coat is a dense curly coat and is also allergy and asthma friendly. 
If you suffer from allergy to dogs you should visit the dog first before making a decision to purchase to be sure there are no issues. They are not 100 percent guaranteed but are as close to non-shedding, hypo-allergenic that you will find. The wool coat does require more attention and will need to be brushed a least once a week and trimmed several times a year.


Australian Labradoodles come in a variety of colors. Cream, café, chocolate, gold/apricot, red, silver, caramel, parchment, chalk, black, blue, lavender, silver,  parti and phantom.

Parti will have at least 50 percent white with spots or patch areas of any of the colors from above. The phantom will have a solid base color with sharply defined markings around the muzzle, brows, fore-chest, on all 4 legs or feet and below the tail. Any combination of pattern or acceptable colors is common.


We breed for conformation for the sake of good balance and overall health. What we strive for is a straight back, balanced leg length to body, and square buttock. They are bred to be athletic, graceful, medium boned and compact. The head should be moderately broad with well-defined eyebrows. 

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