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Holiday Treats – What to Give & What to Avoid

Cooler temperatures, football games, pumpkins…it can only mean one thing: fall is here, and the holiday season is in full swing! The season of sharing good company, good food, and goodwill. This also means your furry friends may be getting spoiled with extra treats and table scraps. Sharing in the festivities with your pets can be enjoyable IF you know what to share and what to avoid to prevent any stomach trouble. Plus, we will share a few easy dog treat recipes you can whip up at home that so your pup can share in the festivities alongside you!

What to Avoid?

Keep their paws off these foods to ensure your pup stays safe:

· Bones

· Onions/garlic/chives/leeks

· Grapes

· Macadamia nuts/ almonds/pistachios

· Avocado

· Seeds from apples, apricots, cherries, plums

· Alcohol

· Dairy

· Chocolate

· Coffee/Caffeine

· Nuts

· Yeast dough

· Fatty meats

· Nutmeg

· Food with xylitol as an ingredient (Xylitol is popular in many keto treats and in some peanut butter products. It can cause hypoglycemia, liver damage, or be fatal. Please read labels to be safe.)

Many of the ingredients above are in common holiday recipes, so keep an eye on your furry pals during gatherings involving food. Push food away from the edge of counters and tables if your pup is prone to ‘counter surfing’. Pets seem to have magical powers they use to charm guests into sharing table scraps – those puppy dog eyes are hard to resist! While guests may be well-meaning, let people know in advance that pets cannot have any food without your permission.

What to Give?

The holidays are a season of giving, and this includes your pets! Thankfully, there are plenty of options when it comes to yummy treats to share with your dog.

· Apples

· Bananas

· Blueberries

· Cantaloupe

· Peaches

· Mangos

· Watermelon

· Pears

*While most fresh fruit is safe for pets in small amounts, always remember to remove seeds as they can be toxic to dogs.

· Carrots

· Cucumber

· Celery

· Cheese

· Eggs

· Peanut butter

· Pumpkin (canned pumpkin works great, just be sure the only ingredient is pumpkin)

· Coconut (OK in small amount, however, avoid coconut water)

· Honey

· Shrimp, fish, and turkey (unseasoned)

· Green beans

· Grains, wheat, and quinoa (small amounts)

What happens if your dog accidentally eats toxic food?

If your furry friend accidentally consumes the wrong holiday treat, be on the lookout for the following symptoms: distress, vomiting, listlessness, bloody stool, bloating. If they exhibit any of these symptoms, get help right away. Typically, hospitalizations and/or treatments are more successful the faster the pet can be seen by a professional. Call your veterinarian or poison control immediately.

Think your pet may have ingested a potentially poisonous substance?

Call 1-888-426-4435 for animal poison control.

We admit, the list of foods that are off-limits for your furry pal seems long. Instead of stressing over what your pet should avoid, focus on what they CAN have, while keeping the ‘bad’ foods out of reach. Thankfully, there are some quick and easy recipes you can whip up in no time, and many ingredients you probably already have on hand. Below, we’re including some drool-worthy treats so your pet will feel included in the festivities!


1. For the simplest dog treat recipe with only ONE ingredient: sweet potatoes, click here for the full recipe.

2. Does your pup go crazy for peanut butter? This easy 3 ingredient recipe is sure to be a hit! Pro-tip: Double or trouble the batch and use a bone or paw print cookie cutter to make for a quick gift to give your dog-loving pals.

3. Finally, for the ultimate holiday feast, try this simple “Woof Loaf” your dog is sure to gobble up.

If baking isn’t your thing, we’ve got you covered with a variety of wholesome, clean treats here from Life’s Abundance that your dog will be *extra* thankful for!

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