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What is a Guardian Home?

The Guardian program allows us to grow our program without sacrificing our dogs' needs for wonderful homes that give them plenty of love and attention. As a guardian, you are the permanent home for your dog – with no upfront cost to you! The guardian dog will remain in our program until they ‘retire’ after three litters, after which they will no longer be part of our program and will remain your family pet.

Hear from one of our amazing guardian family’s, Llana & Dan Stromberg, about their guardian home experience with us:

“We have a wonderful dog named Sushi. We are her guardian family, which means that the breeder – Sandy Mann at Heartrock Labradoodles – chose the pick of the litter that she would like to use for breeding and gave her to us for free. In return, we agreed to allow Sushi to have three litters of puppies – all of whom belong to Heartrock Labradoodles, and after the three litters, Sushi is done being bred and remains our family dog forever. We did this because Dan and I both had the wonderful experience of our family dogs having puppies and wanted the same for our kids. However, in today’s world, it is very difficult to allow a family dog to have a litter of puppies because whether you get the dog from a breeder or a rescue operation, they require you to spay or neuter the dog. Our girls have benefitted greatly from the love and learning that has come from Sandy teaching them about the process of breeding, how to care for a mama dog, and the miracle and joy of helping Sushi deliver her puppies (they are born and live at Heartrock Labradoodles) from birth until they go to their loving forever homes. It’s been a wonderful experience for us, and Sandy is always interested in talking with other prospective guardian families. She is wonderful!”

If you are interested in learning more about our guardian program, please contact Sandy at 512-496-9640.

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