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Labradoodle Puppies For Sale

Great News! We are expecting puppies close to the end of February from Austin's Juno and Austin's Jax of Heart's . They both carry for parti so we may have some with white and caramel or red coats.              

Austin's Juno

Austin's Juno is on the smaller medium size weighing 23.8 lbs. She has a great temperament
​with children and other dogs.

Juno 's Health Info
Hips OFA Normal
Dr. Wallace Hips Good
Elbows Normal
CERF Normal
PrcdPRA Clear
Cardiac- normal
Patella's- normal
vWD Clear
Size- Smaller medium
Coat Fleece
Color Caramel
Registration  ALAA 042293
​Registration WALA 00009359

Austin's Jax

Jax is a gorgeous sire with beautiful markings. He is playful yet calm and loves his guardians.

Health Testing
Hips OFA - good
Elbows- normal
CERF Normal
PrcdPRA clear

Color- Red with White markings
Registration- WALA-00007540

Upcoming Litter

Another litter due in March from Austin City Limits and Ausm Rocky Balboa. Their last litter was gorgeous so I decided to pair them again. These are medium size with many colors including, caramel, chocolate, and cream. Both the sire and dam come from a line of therapy dogs. Their offspring were very calm but playful with their siblings.

Both are registered with ALAA and WALA and have wonderful health test records I can make available upon request.